We built this city, we built this cityyyy on 80's new waaaaave!

After leaving daily shows at Radio Semut a couple of months ago, I miss go oingo boingo with 80's tunes with y'all! You can listen to selected 80s tunes tonight, 10.30 pm (JKT) at  www.mixlr.com/dindiepop


"It was a seven, The Demogorgon -- it got me"

(graphite on paper, 12 x 8 cm)

Will Byers is my most favorite character from Netflix's Stranger Things. He's low-key, good at hiding, love The Clash and so good at drawing wizards throwing green cabbage (spoiler alert: at the last episode, he received an Atari 2600 as Christmas present). While I was writing this post, somehow I develop few analysis about who's who at the movie.