My Own January Cure: Blog Revamp

Blog Revamp
I am revamping my blog starting this month. I know it's going to be a slow-mo, but I really need a blog-lift for past 4 years been sticking to the same template and 2-3 years with the same header. Start today with turning all-white and using brighter teal for links and post title. Please worry not, the site is still up.

(January Cure is annual project run by The Apartment Therapy, to get our home under control, fresh, clean and organized. The things will be done in one manageable step at a time, during once-a-year-only. And what makes it so cool, is we're going to do this together!. -err...well this is their official manifesto, being paraphrased. I decided to have my own January Cure with my blog)


Wavy Hands

Wavy hands

The initial ideas of this drawing was on one of my Flipboard board. I found it similar to my fave zine maker/artist Brendan Monroe. The hand was super easy to make:

1. Trace your hand on paper, I used HB pencil and Maruman watercolor paper. 
2. Choose your ink, could be done in colors or monochrome. I used Ecoline 700 with 000-size brush and Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen in Blue Green Light (XBR#28) and Peacock Green (XBR#426).
3. Then start to make various lines. Imagine this, the line goes straight, until it meets your hand. It starts to bulge, following the contour of your hand. 
4. After finishing your piece, try with your other hand. Or simply flip it on photoshop (just like mine on picture).

Have a nice weekend!


Study on Flat Caps

Flatcap study
Flat caps are served best in tweed. Period. I found less option for flat cap around the web and rarely got them in vibrant or bold pattern.

Study on Abandoned Bucket Hat-Themed Zine

bucket hat study
August 24, 2014, I enrolled on zine workshop, held by a zine enthusiast/publisher Rally The Troops and Ika Vantiani. Planned for a bucket-themed zine, I did the first three pages, then didn't managed to get it done.

Yes, after watching Ms. Yuko Shimizu (oh yess blessed her for mentioning Katsuhiro Otomo on her Skill Share video), I think it is time to pick up the brush and study some bucket hats.