Changing Neon

Crazy Color
Crazy Color 2
Wise man says, staying too long in our comfort zone means death to creativity. I took this quote seriously by buying series of subzero brushes (read: brushes that comes in size 0 or below, which means 0,00,000) and changing my color palette into mostly bold color. I already printed them in series of greeting cards.

By the way, Mikisi's greeting cards and note cards are now available in Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. (I have these in postcards too, only for special order or upcoming bazaar)


Tattoo Parlour

Hello Dolly! Mikisi's new greeting cards are now available in Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Work your fingers out a bit to these DIY tattoo-christmas-or-almost-every-ocassion cards.


Mikisi Curiosities Etc. on smART Dialogue Dec 1, 2012

(click on picture for bigger view)

Yes, yes, Mikisi Curiosities Etc. will be on Dia.lo.gue artspace, Kemang this weekend! The bazaar will open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm, there will be an art exhibition opening as well in the afternoon. Brilliant, isn't it? Now Jules and I still working on many new pieces on our shop. If you're curious about it, see the process at my instagram.


Custom Bookplate Illustration

Bookplate sketch
Halfway there
Stick em inside the notebook
It was pretty early in the morning as a college friend buzzed me. She was looking up at google when she accidentally hit slorasauna & mikisi. "I hardly believe that now you're selling artsy stuff, is it new?" she said. We did some catch-up and ended up with a notebook order and an add-on quote. She agreed with my idea of a quote sticker, since there's no way to screenprint another small size quote inside the book.

Morning seems to be my greatest partner, I awake at 4 this morning and sat up on my desk, leafed through bird-watching pocket book. A red robin would be great! I took some time doing rough sketches -god knows how hard to draw again after awhile- and finished with the sketch. Transferred them to sticker paper afterwards and put the color on.

While inking, I was thinking of a person she's going to give this notebook to. Her friend is a young, smart fresh-graduate, whom recently pursuing scholarship abroad. Hence, red robin or generally, a bird theme, would suit her fine. It's about going far away, with all forces we had and hopefully it might leads into a good life.

"Doaku adalah caraku untuk memelukmu dari jauh" (My prayer is the one that hold you when we're apart) really hit the spot, I kept reading it all day long.


You Pretty Things

New beret for the doll
Beret's top
One step to finish the sweater project
Warm enough, doll
I got more and more absorbed into small projects these days. After the clayfriends, I cast-on this mini sweater and beret. I have never knitted any sweater in my life, but I got a very good tutor, Nina, from Sweater Class at Knitpicks. It's hard to believe that I finally finished the class. Woot! and thanks to Daniela as well, for inspiring me to make a beret for the doll (she has several cute Blythe dolls, oh want!).


Woman & Man Clayfriend

faceless clayfriend
woman clayfriend
man clayfriend
woman and man clayfriend
Inspired by MsSpanner's etsy shop, I made clayfriends. They're supposed having a pet cat, but I'm having hard time choosing colors. These man and woman clayfriend are made from paperclay and colored with acrylic paints. Soon will be clear coated for protection.



To the Moon and Back

To the Moon and Back 2
To the Moon and Back
(watercolor and pencil on paper, 2012)

a present to the birthday boy, Julian, a co-owner of Mikisi and one of the finest guy I've ever known.
Happy birthday, Jules! Wishing you all the goodness and glory ahead :) xoxo.

(the moon was taken from "my moon, my man" post)


Smartphone Socks

knitknot 1
knitknot 2
This is a failure. I cast on some of it during the weekend. I like the stripes, but the closure's rather too small, so the phone won't fit in. Got another two in my instagram, if you want to peek :)
Done in Scachenmayr Nomotta Merino (in pumpkin) and Bravo (in turquoise) yarns


Delayed, but It's Okay, Son

(Done while my flight had been delayed for 1,5 hrs yesterday, inspired by Patek Philippe ad on Monocle)


FACARO, Light Those Bicycle Up!

I've never seen such a powerful post in Etsy blog for a year. Introducing Carolina Fontoura Alzaga or Caro, a multidisciplinary artist with a penchant for repurposing castoff materials and exploring socio-political themes. She made painstakingly intricate chandeliers from bicycle parts she took from scrap metal yards and dumpsters.