Space Painting Cadet

galaxy bookmark
galaxy book jacket

If I could reply this message to Miranda July, as she always send me funny yet pensive future readings. I would say, does she really read my mind?

The Future: Today you must leap into a more INTERNATIONAL frame of mind. Your own provincialism is holding you back. AFRICA, for example.
good luck,

I'm sucked into space painting lately, instead of doing it with spray cans, I took whatever I got at home, which means acryllic paints and leftover canvas. A bookmark and (soon to be) notebook cover. Thanks to Ms. Shalimma & Ms.Vantiani for the booster!


Nano Tracks of Goodness

part of a fan
H.P Lovecraft
he eats sparks
mario 64
glasses made of light
This is the last week of 2011. Many good things happened within a year. Bad things too. My second half of 2011 began so well and slowly degraded, so it only left me with nano tracks of goodness by the end of the year. Effin 2011.


Post-it H

post-it h
Mish-mash notes I wrote when I feel not in skippy mood for work. Inspired by Deth P. Sun's character, Isrol Triono's mural and My Brightest Diamond's lyrics. Stick it up on file cabinet next to my desk.