For the Love of Bike: Necklace

2007. I began to fall in love again with bike. I had this before I own Coro, the BMX bike.  Picture was taken as I went to Surabaya, in a parked-in-front-of-cousin-house car. The necklace, I bought from my bestfriend.


Feb 14-15

feb 14-15

Hello You,
I'm going to go on a research workshop for a couple of weeks, so I'll be in a blog vacation (again). Before I left, I'm posting a very belated daily drawings. I'm trying hard to keep up with it daily, but sometimes it ended as 2-3 days or even weekly round-up drawing.
Well, see you soon, darling.


For the Love of Bike: Fongers Transportfiets 1931-1940

all pictures were taken from transportfiets.net

The idea of cargo bikes never failed me. Just like this classic Fongers bike. As comparison, electra bike got the newer interpretation of vintage cargo bike. I think it's more American vintage, rather than European. For this series, I'd prefer Fongers'.

Electra Delivery Bike pictures were taken from here


Feb 11

feb 11

Two pairs of magnificent, long awaited shoes and banana conditioner are perfect remedies.


Feb 10

feb 10

My hardened ear wax always caused me in trouble, it's not the first time I went to Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist because of it.


Feb 6-7


Don't worry, the daily drawing's still out while I stay in bed
...and compose the research draft paper due tomorrow.
Doubled the excitement!

For the Love of Bike: From a Trip to Korea

A girlfriend went to Korea few years ago and she said it reminds her of me as she saw a small bookshop and bikes everywhere. Including this one, the one similar to Chibi-Maruko Chan's (yes, I admire her so much).