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tres drei
We released the new notebook design on Mikisi Curiosities Etc. today! Only ten notebooks available, screen printed in very different manner from other mikisi's notebooks, they also come in vivacious colors. Yay!


Oil Cloth Lunch Bag

folded 2
folded 1
failure 3
failure 2
failure 1
Now I have guts to sew big banners to oil cloth lunch bag I've ever wanted. Just like the one I saw at design*sponge The banner's too sturdy, the sewing machine got stuck every now and then. A failure. So disappointing, but at least I got two new lunch bags and planning to make some more. Banner galore!



fringe on the left
closer look
The idea came up as I dressed in plain black t-shirt and skirt to the workplace, then I looked myself in the mirror. "This t-shirt is so boring," then I grabbed a pair of scissors and fold the shirt in two so the sleeves  faced toward each other (to get a symmetrical cut as possible). Fringy it is.

For the Love of Bike: Pekalongan

The same old office, but new friends, new findings. Accidentally saw this forgotten image from a colleague, I asked him to send it via email. The picture was taken on a bike trip in Pare with bunch of friends.He said he's in love with the girl who rode the bicycle, but apparently she's not. Ouch. Es tut mir leid.


Instant Happiness in A Shape of Hankies

Materials : Worn-out shorts or jammies
Tools : pins, scissors, sewing machine
Results : simply sew on four sides, you'll get two upcycled hankies to wipe your tears and sweat, and a karma called happiness :)
Awalnya celana pendek ini sudah lama tidak saya pakai, karena karet pinggangnya rusak. Di satu sisi celana ini tidak mungkin diperbaiki, sedangkan di sisi lain saya sayang sekali dengan motifnya. Jadi usaha penyelamatan saya adalah membuat celana tidur ini menjadi sapu tangan. Jahitan tanpa metode dan dalam setengah jam menghasilkan dua sapu tangan baru.


Instant Happiness in A Shape of Card Case

As a law-abiding commuter train passenger (yes, I suck :p), I often bought "Monatskarte" (wie sagt man's auf Englisch?) for economical reason and avoiding buying ticket last minute. Once a friend borrowed my card and he put it inside his wallet. Man, oh dear man, I forgot they always put their wallet in the back pocket of trousers. Then I got it back, tattered. 

Materials : mikisi's notebook cover failure (canvas)
Tools : Sewing machine, crusty card case (to make the pattern), used paper (to draw your pattern), plastic, UHU glue (or any clear multipurpose glue)
How-to : 
1. Create the pattern based by the crusty card case
2. Then trace it to the fabric (mine is canvas)
3. Glue the plastic to the fabric and sew carefully
4. Remember not to sew all four sides, keep one side free. (it happened to me, then I had to cut it open again)
Result : A new card case to be proudly flashed to the controller each time they asked "ticket, please" and happiness.
Now playing: radio playlist (mostly Britpop revival, Oasis, Suede etc. reminds me of the euphoria I really enjoyed in 1995)
Saya adalah penumpang kereta komuter yang tergolong taat, jadi saya selalu beli KTB alias Kartu Trayek Bulanan daripada beli karcis langsung di loket, karena saya hanya punya waktu 15 menit untuk mengejar kereta dari kantor yang jaraknya tanggung. Tidak jauh jika naik angkot, tapi terlalu jauh untuk jalan kaki. Pada suatu ketika ada teman yang meminjam kartu saya dan dikembalikan dalam keadaan porak poranda karena diletakkan di saku belakang celana. Pria oh pria...
Oleh karena itu di pagi yang syahdu ini, saya menjahit tempat kartu kereta yang baru, sehingga saya dapat memamerkannya dengan bangga kepada bapak pemeriksa tiket. "Nih lho pak, saya punya tiket dan tempatnya bagus" :)


Instant Happiness in a Shape of iPod Case

Three o'clock in the morning. Awake and made something for my ipod. Ha ha. 

Materials: scrap canvas from mikisi's notebook failure. 
Tools: sewing machine with zigzag stitches, scissors. 
Results: an amateur tailor-made ipod case as shown in pictures below and happiness.

For the Love of Bike: From an Architect

"For the love of bike," they said. Friends gave me these beautiful pictures of bike from everywhere, Korea, Yogya, Pekalongan and many other places I don't know. But all of them are beautiful and I don't mind to share it with you here.

(from an architect friend at the bookstore)


Michael Dudok de Wit - Father and Daughter

I remember as I went cycling with my father long, long time ago.
He let me ran into garbage cans while a vicious dog tailed me.
He laughed at it out loud. 
We still, until now.
Please don't disappear.


Bring the Old Back in the House: My Own Version of Star Wars

I collected few micro machine Starwars figurines from episode IV, V and VI. Sometimes I recreated a scene in the movie using things around the house. Here's some left over (before the olde camera's broken):

"We are made to suffer, R2"

"It's not always about you, my Lord"
(Lord Vadder never realized, they're talking behind his back)

Could someone take Bantha's hair off of Obi-wan's robe?

Bring the Old Back in the House: "Leash" (2008)

(ink and marker on paper, 2008)

Sometimes they strangled you so tight, you could hardly move your legs, arms or even mind.

Bring the Old Back in the House: "Crave for Carrot" (2008)

(ink on colored paper, 2008)

Even girls need a release too, right?


Watercolor Bird

watercolor bird (watercolor on DIN A5 paper, 2010)

Mehmoh Pad

New year's a good energy booster. January 1st. Awake at 7 am after a long night and started to screenprint piles of used-papers. Applied a thin but in generous amount of PVC glue (I used Fox and Elmer Glue) on the side. Then I clamped them with bulldog paperclips. Let it dry. 

Oh yeah, I made myself a memo pad!


piled up


ready to use

Hello, 2011!

Thank you so much for being such a great year, 2010.
I'm so happy to share life's ups and down with you, you and you.
Here's my notes for 2011:

"I wish there'd be many brights fireworks in our lives ahead,"

playing othello
"Remember there will be pro-cons in anything we chose"

crystal clear
"See anything crystal clear, though we'll travel on many rocky roads"

oh you :)
"And NEVER put frown on our faces"