Space Painting Cadet

galaxy bookmark
galaxy book jacket

If I could reply this message to Miranda July, as she always send me funny yet pensive future readings. I would say, does she really read my mind?

The Future: Today you must leap into a more INTERNATIONAL frame of mind. Your own provincialism is holding you back. AFRICA, for example.
good luck,

I'm sucked into space painting lately, instead of doing it with spray cans, I took whatever I got at home, which means acryllic paints and leftover canvas. A bookmark and (soon to be) notebook cover. Thanks to Ms. Shalimma & Ms.Vantiani for the booster!


Nano Tracks of Goodness

part of a fan
H.P Lovecraft
he eats sparks
mario 64
glasses made of light
This is the last week of 2011. Many good things happened within a year. Bad things too. My second half of 2011 began so well and slowly degraded, so it only left me with nano tracks of goodness by the end of the year. Effin 2011.


Post-it H

post-it h
Mish-mash notes I wrote when I feel not in skippy mood for work. Inspired by Deth P. Sun's character, Isrol Triono's mural and My Brightest Diamond's lyrics. Stick it up on file cabinet next to my desk.


Nov 24

Conchord or Kiwi

I really savoured November 2011 Juxtapoz Pushead Currated Issue.
Aaron Horkey's the reason. His "Flight of the Conchords" had revived the almost drying ink to enter the "Get Up, Edina" mode. I learned a new technique within a night, forget about the research I'm working on. This is the real thing. My apy-polly-logy to mr. Horkey, learning purpose only, promise. Thank you for the manta ray too, sir!


"Life Is About the People You Meet, and the Things You Create with Them"

Be a cyclist is somehow a bit overrated now. Though I'm not riding my small bike, Coro, to commute everywhere, but still I'm getting emotional with beautiful video about people on a bike. This Holstee Manifesto: Lifecycle Video (via swissmiss) reminds me of how hard I am trying to please everybody, to understand their circumstances, not to easily snapped at them, or simply blame them for their music taste (it's so hard not to do it, worst taste in music is irreparable). I should tell myself I shouldn't do that all the time. Blame it on watermelon ring.


Oct 15-16

Oct 15-16
It is supposed to be posted a month ago. I got this crappy experience with wedding souvenir vendor, I got to work it out halfway. Re-sewing and ironing for almost 1000 pieces. Darn you, you took my daily drawing moments for weeks. And no, I'm not the one who's getting married, it's my high school best friend.


Oct 3

Oct 3
My bestie, Ms. Petitedevotchka is a seriously talented photographer (did I mention that one of her pictures being filed in NatGeo Indonesia's photo stock?), reviewer and writer. She loves to write amazing review about places she went to, music or movies she paid attention closely to or even a yumm-yumm snacks. We sneaked a bit (or sometimes a lot) during office hour IM-ing, talking about serious problem, envy and jealousy and even cheesy topic, like what snacks are best to drink with tea or any whatnots. She will be back very soon in December, cannot wait to see her :). Woof ya, ronces.


Bottles of Happiness

bottles_right bottles_left
I really amazed at how Mr. Painsugar arranged bottles and containers upon his desk.
I am intrigued afterwards to grab black marker and put some smiles on faceless empty (and half empty) bottles scattered on my desk. Alright, time to pimp my desk!

Sep 28

Sep 28


Tie-in Books

DSCF0127 small DSCF0123 small DSCF0124 small DSCF0126 small

It's not a movie tie-in books, but a mousepad.
Copied from two recent readings, Nabokov's Lolita & H.P. Love Craft's The Call of Chtulhu (psst, in the original design, they're 3-D, it's a randomhouse vintage book amped with a 3-D goggles)
Now my office desk has a bit of colour.

Sep 27

Sep 27