Camarada Frida


Hooraaayyy...last skeletons! Camarada Frida! I'll be away from computer for awhile for folding my notebook signatures.

Horeee...tengkorak terakhir! Tabik Kamerad Frida! Saya rehat dulu dari gambar-gambar dan beralih ke melipat kertas buat buku tulis jualan.

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Oh wow, it's like I've been possessed by skulls. Here's the third and still got another one. The final one, I promised. Meanwhile, take a peek at this site, it inspires me a lot this morning Mexican Sugar Skull. Another question, anybody using pinterest here? It's a super-sweet eye candy :)

Kayaknya saya kerasukan tengkarok. Ini yang ketiga, masih ada satu lagi. Terakhir, saya janji. Sementara itu, silahkan lihat-lihat ke sini Mexican Sugar Skull. Yoi berat nek, saya sedikit termampus-mampus melihat mexican folk artnya. Pertanyaan terakhir, ada yang pakai pinterest di sini? Es buah buat mata..manis-manis-cakep lho isinya. Ada gambarnya si Geninne juga! Mari membaca yang tekun seperti tuan tengkarok di gambar ini.

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Camarada Emilio


It's getting closer to departure date. Got this mexican skull mode in the moment. Here's my new baby, Camarada Emilio.



("Syringe", digital collage, 2010)

I'm really upset this morning so I could easily put up some digital collage. Why don't you make it easier? I'm all ease with the pennies, so why don't you? 

I Got You Two Mini Flags*

Coro, it's been a while since our last long-trip.
Now I got you two mini-flags. Please stay, don't go away. Just like Ms. Dillon said.

"You're going to reap just what you sought." slowly fades.

*) get these mini flags for your bike at Tobucil's Crafty Days, May 29-30, 2010, Bandung.


Mittwoch Macht Frei: Hands On Inspiration

(this post inspired by the article in Make and Meaning)

The education system are created to meet the needs of industrialism. all things like being an artist or a dancer is no longer used in university. Sounds familiar with these? Suddenly, degrees are worth anything. The most useful subject at works are usually at the top in university. Things you like at school sometimes remain at school. By the time you got into university, everybody's racing to pass this message to you "don't learn art, because you're not going to be an artist" (YEAH, BIG TIME!). And you know what, many highly talented and creative people think they're not by the time get into college (oh yes, it's so damn true Sir Ken Robinson).

These 2 videos are extremely inspirational. the first one goes Sir Ken Robinson, and the second one is Dave Eggers (yes I love his book "Zeitoun") with the idea presentation of one-on-one tutorial centre that came up in the form of Pirate Supply Store :)

Sir Ken Robinson

Dave Eggers

"Flocks & Feathers" on Crafty Days #4

Well probably you're asking for what I've been doing all around? I am preparing for this craft fair, my first craft fair to be precise, under the name of Mikisi Curiosities Etc

(click the pictures to enlarge or just go straightly here)

Am I a bit exaggerating? No, I'm just too excited!

Mikisi is a long-distance collab project between Julian and I. He lives in Yogya, meanwhile I'm in Jakarta. He do all the sewing and screen-printing, meanwhile I'm drawing, hand-sewing, printing and marketing. The only things we do together (sometimes) is designing. The name came up out of nowhere and while we were pushed by deadline to find names for our products in submission. Well, if you're planning to come to Tobucil's Crafty Days next week, take a peek here first what are we gonna sell. (this is our very first dummy of this series, we guaranteed that the things we'll sell at Crafty Days are improved. Our skills are growing within process of sewing dozens of plushies and lunchbags :p). 
lunchbags (click on picture to enlarge)
length: 23 cm
width: 9 cm
height : 21 cm

matching plushie for the bags
(size: height: 5 cm)

available in Owl & Crow, too

dozens of plushie (see, it's improving right?)


notebooks (available in long-stitch & stab-stitch binding)

long stitch binding

And we got another babies on progress:
- Scissors Sisters Pouches (6x4 in, lining made from our craft failure fabrics)

(it was taken with mobile phone camera, so it's not that sharp)

- Bike Flag, available in red and yellow, both in bahasa Indonesia & English (inspired from Tall Bike parade on Critical Mass in Yogya (2007), I got one from my dear friend Sono and amazingly last week I read an article about Tweed Run here and everything seems matched this flag)

ready, steady, rocksteady all you crafty fingers?

p.s Wait for the next post for special announcement about the prices.


Return of Root Bois Showcase

Shit. I missed this gig. No worry, as Hepcat said, their showcase will be in Cup & Cino, Plaza Semanggi this Friday May 14, 2010 starting 7pm-10pm and Premium Nation, Cempaka Putih, Saturday May 16, 2010, 4pm-7pm. You could also follow @Boriez_Got_Soul and @stonedcollege on twitter to get the compilation CDs!

For Your Eyes Only, Origami Fans

Forget about what I said in previous post, I'm so furious with those plushies, so I decided to unrevealed my origami classes in 2008. It always begin with a tendency of OCD. so I made these modular origamisx. I also got the bigger size (about knee-high) but already handed it to my friend's sister (both Donna, Kampret's sister & Fika, Nadya's sister). Well I haven't revealed this side yet, I guess?
This is for you modular origami fans, why don't you make it yourself and post it on your blog so I could see it too :)
they called these "units"

this one is the knee-high prototype

I'm sorry I can't keep my blog updated for at least a week or two. I'm preparing for my first craft show at Tobucil, Bandung. Still at the end of the month though, but there's so many things that made me can't stand on my own feet. Including a disturbing, new modular origami fan, 3 dozens of hand-sewn plushies, hand-bound journal that I haven't made yet, and 5 metres of unprinted and yet unsewn fabrics for those totebags. Come on, what are you thinking of right now, missy?


I'm Framed: Gorgeous Swap from Dreamesh

Oh look at this gorgeous frame from craft swap with Amesh. I finally found the right pictures to be displayed in and it seems like I'm having petite flower on my hair. Amesh, thank you for doing the swap and it's just perfect.

Look what I've sent her here.

Mittwoch Macht Frei: Xavier Le Roy and Audience Responses

As I opened my twitter this morning, my eyes caught a glimpse of interesting short interview with a French choreographer at dwell, Xavier Le Roy. Somehow it bears a resemblance to the last week's "Mittwoch Macht Frei: Doddy Iswahyudi" about reading audience in different countries. Doddy, a Yogya-based cartoonist, said general observation over the news or things related to a country (in-depth and smart one, I supposed) is a key to captivate the audience in different places.

Here I quoted the short interview by Tiffany Chu on Le Roy's latest work "Self-Unfinished"

(via Dwell)
"Do French notions of space - acceptable personal space, audience space, public space - differ from that in the U.S. and other countries where you have performed? And how might that affect the way the audience perceives your pieces?
It's interesting. Obviously, there are cultural differences in the way that people perceive space -- from an upstanding American handshake to the easy closeness with which the French kiss both cheeks. I have not seen drastic differences in the audiences between here and Europe, but I will never forget my performance in Moscow. The Russians laughed from beginning to end -- and while my piece certainly has elements of humor, it turned into a kind of action-reaction show, and it was a bit difficult for me to perform a streamlined continuum of movements. Only afterwards did I realize that they probably thought I was channeling Marcel Marceau, the famous French mime. In Asia, particularly Singapore, the audience was amazingly silent - and that was fascinatingly extreme as well. But it is difficult to make these generalizations about culture, especially when one remember who is in my audiences - it is a subset with certain expectations about visual art performance that represent a very specific cross-section of each culture. "

Personally, I haven't figured out how to handle various demands to please everybody. Once I attended a seminar about how to captivate the audience with colors, somehow I'd been more convinced that creative business is as complicated as Dow Jones index. Each culture has their own color chart, definition of nice and bad, particular shape of living things (animals or body shape). I don't want to fall in stereotypes, but in this case, stereotype is rather good.

But again, we cannot make everyone happy, though? Even God made humans suffered.

(did I mention that Le Roy's formerly a biochemist?)