Weak Tea

After browsing through crafters', strangers' blog, BMX racing and so on, I kept viewing this video on youtube.

I'm reading Anthony Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange", then I found this quote:
"Weak tea are we, new brewed. But stirring make all strong"

Probably stirring is all I need, to get all my stupid questions away.

Does anyone know how big our heart is to keep all those feelings or it's just our brain who keep it all the way?

Arts & Crafts Weekender for Kids is BACK!

Yes, it is. 

I did it in June, now I'm back on the store with my purple toolbox. Every weekends on various ak.sa.ra stores (Pacific Place, Kemang & Plaza Indonesia). Still at the same time 1-4 PM. I'll keep up with the schedule later on. 

The first class has begun last weekend. Oh ADULTS ARE VERY WELCOME TOO.

So see you around

Bisakah Ku Miliki Jendelamu?

ku ingin punya jendela
yang kata temanku
di setiap rumah pasti ada
jendela untuk melihat surga
tapi jika tak yakin surga itu ada
apakah jendela itu akan tetap bisa kumiliki?

(re-post dari blogku yang lain)


Kring Krooonngg

Bicycling, is one of the most fun activities I've ever known. After 2 years of waiting, I finally own a BMX, not a Haro one, but really good for me. Never mind the bollocks! Then I got a chance last week to give it a try on a car-free day. It took me not only inside the car free day area, but from my home-workplace at Kemang-Blok M-Senayan-Semanggi-Sudirman-Bunderan HI-Monas-Harmoni and back. I wished I could go further, but I got up an half hour late from the appointed time with my friend. tsk. Sorry matey for being up sooo late a night before. 

Today, I took a different route and shorter time. Only 30-45 minutes around the block. I'm alone with my new helmet and an analog MP3 player (which is exactly my mouth shuffling songs I remembered). 

I really enjoy my ride three times a week, two short-time at workdays and longer on weekends. Hope we could see each other on the road soon. 

And by the way, I seriously named my bike "CORO", a javanese for cockroach, after mockery for my friend's bike name (that he named it after his ex-beloved one, tsk.). I promised him that someday if I got my own bike I'll take Coro as its name. And I've done it. Ha ha.

after the long ride

mine is the on the front