Watch This

The watch was a gift from my father. He just arrived from Batam last night. I didn't like it at first, since it got that bling-bling brand says "Chanel" on top of it, but I like the shape. Then my acrylic paints rattled and whispered "use me" in a husky voice. ha ha so I took white and black. Within minutes the annoying brand's gone. 

Now I like 'em better.


Mouth-watering Bike

Arrrggghhh not agaaaainnn! These bikes always distracted me from my paperworks. Gee, I hardly concentrate and can't wait for my next pay-day for these bikes. But again, there are no Electra Bikes in Jakarta. Shoot. Probably I should bring these pictures to my friend's brother who got this custom bike workshop. La la la. Two years of waiting...la la la...

(photos taken from some electra bike sellers at Germany)

Two Important Things in the Morning

I frequently skipped my breakfast & exercise (or at least stretching). It's kinda hard to gather all my mood to move my lazy arse to get something to eat or do the downward-dog. But few days ago, I changed my habit. I did 50 jump with a jump rope, do 3 minutes downward-dog position, have each arms 20 times pull ups and sipping a cup of tea or munchin' on some donuts. Or make myself pancakes.

Hope it'll last forever.