Handmade Greeting Cards

The idea came up as my mum asking for last minute gift wrapping & greeting cards. *Snap snap* I quickly remembered 'kantong gorengan' (or brown shopping bag) style (since the gift inside is a yum-yum handbag and hard to wrap without the box). I added extra plaits on the front, ha ha, then I made some greeting cards with retro pattern. Using a watercolour paper (150gr), watercolour and brush, off we go! Just take a moment to wait them dry under halogen lamp. Then make an envelope out of color paper. Das ist alles.



Ja, ja, I'm making another craft for my bf and close friend of mine. For my friend, actually it is a swap for his kindness making me silkscreen print Tees and a plastic full of patches from my drawing. And for my bf, it's kinda birthday present for him. He's having a birthday last week.

Here's my first attempt in embroidering on cloth. I used Indian cotton strips for sugaring/waxing and soaked it in tea for a night or so. I got another one,with pink floss but apparently I forgot to take pictures of it. Tontita!

For knitting the mug cozy, I used yarns from tobucil. I don't know, whether the dye process is not that good or else, so it appears dirty or dull in some parts. This is the first time I ever created my own pattern! Yaaayyy!!

Grocery Bag Out Of Thrifted Pillowcase

Last weekend suddenly I feel so crafty. Ha ha. I don't know how, awaken with mind full of grocery bags. I am really into it. I saw my best friend using it once, but she has a oh-really skillful-in-sewing mum & sewing machine, meanwhile I don't. So I took the pattern from an ordinary plastic grocery bag. All you need is a thrifted pillowcase. A bit ironing on the sides, a bit of hand sewing on top...tada...a new bag!

Look the tutorial at the end of the post

lay, lady, lay

still empty

filled with stuff, pretending my cousin (posing for the bag) & I go shopping



Raspberry & Cream

Super Easy Recipe!

1 pack (20cl) Crème Liquide Whipping Cream (mine is Elle & Vire)
1 pack of berrries or other fruits
2 tsp sugar

For a succesful whipping cream, you should used a well-chilled bowl. Better prepare another bowl filled with ice, then put your bowl filled with creme on top of it. Or put your bowl into fridge for days. Also another secret for this recipe is STRONG WRIST, because it needs to be whipped in quite time and speed. If it sounds testing your patient & strength, use hand mixer instead. Whip it until it sets, then pour it on top of the fruit or pancake or just plain bowl. 

Ready to serve

Read Along: "How To Be Good" (a quotes from Nick Hornby's book)

"GoodNews has picked it all up already, of course. We sit down to a hastily assembled ploughman's lunch, and without invitation he wades into the stagnant, foul-smelling pond that is Mark's life.
'I'm sorry if you think I'm being a bit, you know,' he begins. 'But when we shook hands... Man, you nearly took my arm off'
'I'm sorry," says Mark, apologetic but understandably surprised: I saw the whole incident, and it seemed like a pretty straightforward handshake to me; at no stage did it look as though anyone would end up permanent disability. 'Did I hurt you?'
'In here you hurt me." Goodnews taps his heart. 'Because it hurts when I know fellow human beings are in trouble. And if ever a hand was shouting it was yours.'
Mark cannot help it: he has a quick look, back and front, to see if there any evidence of his manual distress.
'Nah you won't see anything there. It's not a, like a visible thing. I mean, I feel it physically. Ow. You know?' And he winces and massages his hand, to demonstrate the pain that Mark so recently caused him. 'But sadness is a right sod for keeping itself hidden away. A right sod. Gotta come out sometime, though, and it's pouring out of you.'
'Oh,' says Mark."

This is what I really like about Hornby, his writing is always tapped me in the heart. I got this book from a really good friend of mine, Enggar. I lent her my first Hornby, High Fidelity, and we really like it. Then she bought me "How To Be Good" on my last birthday and I read it until today. It's really a good book to show us that we are really lame. We forgot to treat others (or probably ourselves) properly and see things in other's view. Egocentric.

Another 'plus' is Hornby's superb music taste, he includes Air (yep those French electro band) in this book. This book might be written as Air's album 10,000Hz Legend was released because Katie saying some sentences in "How Does It Makes You Feel?" way.
"If Air are Conran, then Dylan is the greengrocers. Mushroom, lettuce, tomato, home to cook bolognese and prepare a salad, and how does it feeeeeeel?...'
Witty you, Nick!



Yaaayyy! It's my first post on the new space. thank you suckmylolly for such a great template, I really lurve it. I added the blog title meself though. Hopefully I could keep updating my knick-knacks here :) 

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