Migration zum Sun Belt

Migration zum Sun Belt 
(graphite on paper, 15x21 cm)

A quick drawing done in smaller size in between commission work & commercial project (that mostly done in digital). I miss my tiny graphite leads.

Although it shared the same terms, "Migration zum Sun Belt" has no political/economic related to the terms migration to south or migration to Sun Belt in 1970s America. I am preparing myself to be more efficiently in working with graphites, that's what I think it got something similar with the "spirit" of the migration. 

Sometimes I think spending too much times only working on one artwork for a copious of time, is a sign that we cannot manage ourselves properly. Not that I forbid the self-exploration or quality over quantity, but with paperworks, self-promotions or other personal stuff that happened, I have to divide my attentions too to these particular things. 

For the last three months, I spent hours working on commercial works (half of it was non-related to drawing or arts) and this mini comic for a ska band (will post it later). I only drown in envy as I saw my friends' holiday pictures at sunny beach or laid back days at a cafe. As a result, I experienced creative burnouts, which I never knew I had it, not before my best friend pointed it out. 

(ink on paper, 2017)

I tried everything relaxing from watching movies, reading a book, eating favorite food, house cleaning. Eventually it loosened up a bit with a help of certain color scheme and proper sleep. "Burnout" is what I drew during that revelation morning, after watching Mimo Wo Sumaseba. Creative burnouts, please do not come any time soon (or forever). 



Study on Mechagodzilla

Too Hot to Handle
(pencil on paper, 2017)

Many things happened in my art world for the first half of the year.
Commercially speaking, couples of commission works done within two months straight (a book and study aid card, will post about it later), also illustration series and mini comic for upcoming Skalie's single for the rest of July.
As for personal work, I'm preparing a fan art of my recent favorite artist Riandy Karuniawan and his mystical world of Sathar. I posted a couple of BTS on instagram.



Guts (21x15 cm, pen on paper, 2017)

My memories swam like little fish that I snatched at, and sometimes they wriggled out of my gasp.
Sometimes your brain gives you solutions in addition to problems.
The reason your subconscious dredges up all these miserable ghosts is that they need to get closure before they can rest peacefully in humiliation afterlife.
It's just like Bic pen Kryptonite lock.

Bite bite bite bite bite!

- Taken from annotations I made from Cory Doctorow's "Little Brother" (2008), et.al.